Protecting PII at Scale: A Closer Look at the NetCentrics Approach

By Carver Pace As I wrote earlier, the pandemic is quickening the pace with which Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is produced, stored, and transmitted – opening potentially new attack surfaces for malicious actors.  NetCentrics is stepping up efforts to protect our customers’ PII at rest and in transit. While I won’t go into specifics here, I think it […]

Protecting Personally Identifiable (PII) Data

By Carver Pace Many of our clients continue to restructure their organizations due to the pandemic. Likewise, they have to restructure their IT support. With the change in the technology landscape, additional cyber-related challenges have arisen. Among those is the ability to protect personally identifiable data (PII) at rest and in transit. Under the current pandemic, remote workforces […]