About Us

A Mission Critical Approach

Since our inception in 1995, NetCentrics has remained steadfast in our vision and mission to secure our nation by adapting to and thriving in the dynamic global digital and threat landscape. Our nearly 30-year journey has positioned us as a vanguard in cybersecurity, cloud and digital transformation in support of our nation’s defense, homeland security, federal civilian, and intelligence community sectors. We continue to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to those on the front lines protecting our freedoms and way of life. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to not only keep pace with but to innovate ahead of our adversaries. Our enemies never rest, and neither shall we.

About NetCentrics

For nearly 30 years, NetCentrics has stood as a pillar of service excellence and reliability as an IT services provider to the United States government. What began as a journey to deliver critical business and mission support services, has since evolved into a commitment to safeguard our nation by securing our customer’s missions and relentlessly innovating for the future. We’re proud of our evolution as an IT services and technology solutions provider and the continued support we will deliver today and always.

Our transformation into a trusted partner in IT and technology innovation is a source of immense pride at NetCentrics. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional support and developing critical mission solutions, ensuring our clients’ operations are secure and uninterrupted both now and in the future. We have expanded our capabilities and honed our expertise in four key areas: cyber security, cloud security, digital transformation, and mission support.

In an age where the digital landscape is rife with adversaries, we remain unwavering in our commitment. Our focus on these four key areas allows us to stay at the forefront of technological innovation, crafting solutions that not only meet but exceed the ever-evolving needs of our nation’s security.

Join us on this journey to secure our nation’s digital domains, foster innovation, and protect our beloved country from all who would threaten its safety.

We believe that excellence is not an option; it’s a duty. We are proud to serve, protect, and innovate on behalf of the United States government, and we’re honored to have you by our side.

NetCentrics is a portfolio company of global investment firm Cerberus Capital Management.