More Spiders, Babuk Locker, and More Big Game Hunting

Editor’s Note: This series highlights current threats our cybersecurity experts guard against on a regular basis, for NetCentrics’ government and commercial clients. There isn’t a shortage of spiders in the world. Like the last cybersecurity threat report, several spiders recently announced their arrival, including SOLAR SPIDER and CIRCUS SPIDER. Also on the rise is BGH […]

NetCentrics’ Commitment to Community Involvement

NetCentrics is committed to our employees’ personal and professional growth. We’ve applied a similar enthusiasm toward our National Capital Region local community. This will not change under my leadership. In fact, as President, I intend for these efforts to grow. I’d like to tell you a little about some of these efforts and ask for your input on what we can do moving ahead.  Private Citizen Awards  […]

Protecting PII at Scale: A Closer Look at the NetCentrics Approach

By Carver Pace As I wrote earlier, the pandemic is quickening the pace with which Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is produced, stored, and transmitted – opening potentially new attack surfaces for malicious actors.  NetCentrics is stepping up efforts to protect our customers’ PII at rest and in transit. While I won’t go into specifics here, I think it […]