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NetCentrics provides the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies with leading IT services including IT Strategy, mission applications, infrastructure and platform services, cloud solutions, service delivery and cybersecurity.

But that’s just what we do, not who we are. We are people who are engaged in some of the most challenging IT work on the planet, working in a family-oriented culture, bringing all of our expertise to bear every day to build, sustain, support and protect mission-critical systems.


NetCentrics was founded by two friends in 1995 who were convinced that computer systems and networks would drive the future of information technology. Within a few years of our founding, our teams were designing and installing one of the first computer networks deployed in the Pentagon. Over the past 20 years we’ve grown by building an incredible culture for our employees and by delivering only the highest quality work for and with our customers.

We’ve grown as demand for computer technologies and integrated systems has grown. Our teams were there on 9/11, restoring operations at HQDA within a day after the attack, for which three of our employees won a Commander’s citation. Our teams led the massive EITSD system consolidation at WHS, and played a leadership role in the consolidation of EITSD and ITA into the first Joint Service Provider. Our teams built and managed computer network defense and cybersecurity solutions for multiple agencies. Within the JSP we’ve led the transition to platform services and virtualization. Through our history we’ve been known for our ability to say “yes”, to get the tough jobs done on time and on budget, and for our excellent customer service.


Our mission is to deliver transformative technologies and business solutions that improve outcomes and ensure mission success for the Federal Government.

This means we are constantly working to serve the armed forces, but also a wide range of government agencies, which provide programs and services that meet the needs of all our citizens.

Our Core Values:
  1.  Do the Right Things and Do Them Right
  2.  Engage – in every setting, in every situation, with everyone
  3.  Be Genuine – what you see is what you get
  4.  Leap Courageously – to go beyond our brief, to do more where others won’t, to take on new challenges
  5. We are Family – we treat our employees as family, and our customers as extended family
Management Team

We believe leadership is creating a vision, and engaging people in that vision. The NetCentrics management team serves our staff, so they can serve our customers.

Our management team has one important task: sustaining and building on a culture that has led to over 20 years of sustained growth and exceeding customer expectations. We strive to identify the best people, inspire them to deliver the best service and help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

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    Cynthia Barreda
    NetCentrics CEO
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    Natalie Catliota
    NetCentrics COO
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    Jeff Pagano
    NetCentrics CFO
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    Jim Debardi
    NetCentrics CIO
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    Susan Brady
    NetCentrics VP Human Resources
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    Steve Walker
    NetCentrics SVP Business Development

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NetCentrics is recognized as a leader in IT Strategy, Mission Applications, Infrastructure Services, Cloud, Service Delivery and Cybersecurity for federal agencies.

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