Thom Sena Is on Fire – In All Areas But One 

Written August 25th, 2022

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Thom Sena’s been burning down every obstacle in his way since joining NetCentrics seven months ago as Deputy Program Manager. “I wanted to work for Pentagon, and, that’s how I found NetCentrics,” he says. Working for the Pentagon was a goal he fixed his sights on after his Army service ended at Fort Belvoir. Given his credentials the call from NetCentrics’ head of Talent Acquisition, Sylwia Winchester, came immediately.  

Thom’s arrival has marked an era of increased productivity and improved morale from the team on-site at the Pentagon JSP’s AV/VTC program. “What I love about NetCentrics,” Thom says, “is the open arms, always available approach. You can depend on people to respond, even on weekends.” His team, he says, is dedicated. The first two NetCentrics core values are evident in daily interactions: mission first, people always. 
Thom’s work ethic and management style has brought him the attention of NetCentrics’ leadership. “He’s on fire,” summarizes Jessica Kozlowski, Vice President of Human Resources.  

Looking Up to a Father, Being a Father 

Thom credits his father for sparking his interest in computers as a kid. “I worked on Windows 95 and XP,” he explains, following a family of electrical engineers. His father served in the Navy, doing several tours. His father reenlisted after 9/11. “Now, as an adult,” says Thom, “I know what [the letter] meant if he didn’t call me as I expected.” He applauds his dad for serving the country and instilling a sense of duty and responsibility. His admiration for his father was one of the first things our team learned about Thom, when he answered our get-to-know-you questions
Thom says he aims to impart the same lessons with both of his daughters, the eldest of whom is one and half. His dogs, ages 18 and 12, agree that the little girls have dramatically changed the household. “I’ve had my dog since I was kid, it’s kind of crazy,” say Thom. 

Looking Ahead 

If there is one area of Thom’s life that isn’t “on fire” it is one very important part – his dating life, which soon will be officially “on ice.” Thom and Chloie, his fiancée and mother of his children, will marry this Friday. They are doing a courthouse wedding first, with plans for a larger party later. “We planned to get married earlier but COVID had other ideas,” he said, explaining the wedding party was rescheduled several times. “Most of our family need to travel to attend, so, we’re looking forward to a larger celebration in the months ahead.” 

NetCentrics is happy to include Thom as part of #TeamNetCentrics. “Thom embodies the attitudes we seek in new teammates,” says Kenny Cushing, CEO. “He’s dedicated to the mission, acts with purpose, and is always seeking new, creative solutions.” If you would like to join us, please browse our open positions.