A Conversation with Lawrence O’Connor, CEO of NetCentrics

Written June 30th, 2021

Post Tags: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, leadership, machine learning

Editor’s Note: Hard to believe but it is already mid-year, 2021! It is a good time to check in with our progress and goals, which we did as a company last week. As we look ahead we need to consider how our company views shape our path. Here are snippets from an interview earlier this year with our CEO, Lawrence O’Connor. His views reflect a steady focus on strong leadership combined with transformative technologies.


NetCentrics began as an industry-defining company in the government contracting space at the dawn of the Internet Age with work at the Pentagon.  

Lawrence O’Connor was selected to lead as President in January, 2020, and CEO in 2021. His first mission is ensuring the company resists resting on laurels and gets ahead of tomorrow’s threats and opportunities. Simultaneously, the company must maintain the reputational trust built over decades.  

“My leadership approach relies on the foundational values of Inquiry, Integrity, and Originality,” says O’Connor. “Growing NetCentrics’ culture and capabilities must always return to these basics. No matter the context, these themes help us remain nimble and competitive.” 


“Leaders often extol the virtues of innovation without praising what’s necessary behind the scenes: the daily grind of showing up and doing the work,” says O’Connor. “Problem-solving and innovation are the byproduct of consistent time investment, trial, and error. This is why we value people with the skills and fortitude to stay focused on larger goals.” He points to NetCentrics’ successes in computer forensics as examples of dogged commitment to inquiry, integrity, and originality used to solve intractable problems. 


O’Connor leverages his unique combination of government services and entrepreneurial experience to help NetCentrics’ clients make informed decisions to ensure mission success. His 25+ years of experience in the government services market provides insight into integration planning, tracking, and process refinement. O’Connor maintains trusted relationships with contacts in government departments and agencies, the armed forces, and private industry. 


O’Connor’s leadership brought several new contracts to NetCentrics. These include: IT support, audio-visual, and video production services for the United States House of Representatives; wireless infrastructure project contributions at the Veteran’s Administration; and telecommunications work for the Department of Justice. These follow longstanding, defensive cybersecurity contracts within branches of the United States’ armed forces. Notably, NetCentrics has held a contract with the U.S. Coast Guard for over a decade. 

O’Connor is also diversifying NetCentrics with expansions into the private sector. Under his leadership NetCentrics provides cybersecurity, IT modernization, and telecommunications expertise to a range of industries.  


O’Connor sees a future dominated by technical disruption. “This requires an agile, proactive approach to cybersecurity, IT modernization, and telecommunications,” he says. “Artificial intelligence and machine learning will increasingly be the new frontier to protect and defend. Aggressive investment in these areas is paramount.”