NetCentrics Q2 2021 Report – Values in Action

Written June 25th, 2021

Post Tags: All Hands, Q2, quarterly updates

This week NetCentrics gathered for our Q2 all-hands meeting. In contrast to Q1 2021, more of us were in person at HQ and no one was wearing a mask – a good change, for sure. I look forward to more in-person events as area vaccination rates increase and things continue to open up.

Q1 Highlights

We have a lot of positive things to highlight this quarter.

  • New hires. We continue to grow. We are bringing on new business and expanding responsibilities at existing customer accounts. Including our new CFO, we introduced a dozen new employees. We still have 21 open positions as of today.
  • New business. We are working overtime to serve existing customers and secure new business. On the new business front, we have several things in play and will make announcements when appropriate.
  • New recognition. As part of our CMMC readiness – a requirement for all government contractors by 2026 – auditors noted that NetCentrics is remarkably ahead of peers. Our company demonstrates cybersecurity best practices in the top 3% of those seeking ISO/IEC 200701:2013 certification.
  • New awards. These include Most Promising Homeland Security Provider and Best Place to Work in Washington, DC.
  • New employee programs. There are also new resources for employees. One example is HR’s wellness challenge in Q2. There’s a harder fitness challenge in the works for Q3 – so start taking your vitamins and lifting weights! (That’s a joke, of course, but shout out to HR for reminding us that fitness is so important.)

Spotlight on Employees Achieving Customer Recognition

I’d like to shine a spotlight on the people listed below. Each of these NetCentrics employees won recognition from the customer they serve. In some instances, the customer is the government itself, which is quite an accomplishment:

  • Jane Guzzardo
  • Marcellus Haraway
  • Andrew Hermes
  • Andy Ibarra
  • Yonathan Kiros
  • Mike Montona
  • Clayton Parker
  • Jorge Rosas
  • Chris Sinclair
  • Alison Valentine
  • Christopher Wofford
  • Emmanuel Yeboah

Thank you to every employee for their contributions during this busy quarter. I am very impressed by how well our teams work together. I think our teams really embody our company’s five core values:

Be genuine.
Engage and leave an impact.
Do the right thing, and do it right.
Leap courageously.
Work as a family.

Q3 Goals

I will refrain from sharing specific goals here in a public post. However, I will reiterate that each department has specific benchmarks and I have confidence they have what it takes to reach their stated goals.

This quarter really began a period of expansion for NetCentrics. We are all operating in a liminal space – not 100% out of the pandemic, but no longer 100% impacted by it, either. This is a little unnerving sometimes. But mostly, it is a chance for all of us to bring our best. Let’s embrace what’s next.