A Year in Business Development at NetCentrics

Written March 30th, 2021

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LinkedIn reminded me recently that its been a year since joining NetCentrics. Wow! With everything that has happened in the last year this milestone feels strange. On the one hand it feels premature (really, a year?!). On the other hand, it feels as if it’s been a lot longer than a year. Many of you can probably relate to this strange relationship with time during the pandemic…

Thanks to our Customers

First: I’d like to thank our customers, old and new. 2020 brought so much difficulty and new demands. The stresses of the pandemic only underlined how important it is to trust the people with whom you do business. This was a core challenge for everyone and our goal was and remains to exceed expectations.

I thank those who have worked with NetCentrics for years. You trusted that we would adapt to this new reality quickly and effectively. You gave us the benefit of the doubt when it was needed. You also made room for new projects requiring new skills.

I also thank our new customers, too. These customers chose to do business with us during difficult and uncertain times. Several had to make big decisions without the benefit of in-person meetings or prior experience working with us. That takes courage. We aim make our work together mutually beneficial.

Thanks to our Teams

Second, I’d like to thank my team and say that I’m very pleased with these accomplishments. None of this was possible without their dedication. Lawrence recently recapped our first quarter and the wins on the scoreboard so far are just the beginning. My team is largely comprised of new people. Those who joined the company earlier have gone out of their way to share their institutional knowledge. By incorporating this knowledge with our new skill sets we are a stronger company. I’m impressed by the teamwork.

As I look at the year ahead I have several goals in mind. One is that we continue to grow as a team. In particular I look forward to continuing our mentorship program.

A reminder: we continue to grow and are actively hiring. Click here to see open positions. Here’s to a remarkable 2021!