Celebrating a Strong Q1 2021

Written March 19th, 2021

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We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at NetCentrics with a virtual All Hands meeting. Several new people have joined the company and this was a good way to get some “face time”. We also discussed our company’s first quarter growth and this years’ positive momentum. It’s not “luck of the Irish” but solid work that’s brought us here.

NetCentrics continues our push into cybersecurity work, including new contracts in private industry. The recent Microsoft Exchange hack demonstrated again how vital it is to have secure systems in place and rapid response when necessary. Also this month we celebrate over ten years as the primary contractor for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Q1 Achievements

Some of the achievements this quarter include:

  • Securing new telecom customers, like the U.S. Army Reserve, who need to secure facilities, wifi support, and databases in mission-critical environments;
  • Expanding our mentor/protégé program with companies of complimentary expertise;
  • Beginning discussions for possible acquisitions;
  • Continuing our business development wins, visible in the volume of methodical, strategic bids;
  • Executing on CMMC certification, a necessary framework for Department of Defense work, as well as a signal of cybersecurity excellence;
  • Improving internal systems with additional hardening, an ongoing pursuit for the protection of our company;
  • Growing our talent pool with 19 open positions, as of this week;
  • Renewing our company branding and launching a new, mobile-friendly website.

Director of Operations, Meghan Askham, gave shout-outs to those who have made these milestones possible. These include:


Alison Valentine


Ted Roach

Terry Davis

Ed Chism

Andy Ibarra

Cihan Allison

US Coast Guard NOSC:

Terence Kimbrough (“T.K.”)

I appreciate how everyone continues to work diligently to make our systems robust and our customers happy.

Q2 Goals

On the business front, every department has outlined goals for the upcoming quarter.  We also discussed company news that isn’t public yet, but will be soon. We are bullish about the upcoming quarter and our associated growth.

All of us are hopeful that by the end of Q2 enough of us will be vaccinated to restore in-person work again. Currently, a few people work in the office on a rotating basis. Others continue in-person work at mission-critical sites, like Fort Belvoir. The majority of us will continue to work from home until it is safe to reopen more extensively.

Until next month, I encourage everyone to do their best to stay healthy. I also encourage everyone to continue looking for opportunities, personally and professionally, to grow. 2021 is already shaping up to be a stellar year.