NetCentrics’ Commitment to Community Involvement

Written February 4th, 2021

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NetCentrics is committed to our employees’ personal and professional growth. We’ve applied a similar enthusiasm toward our National Capital Region local community. This will not change under my leadership. In fact, as CEO, I intend for these efforts to grow. I’d like to tell you a little about some of these efforts and ask for your input on what we can do moving ahead. 

Private Citizen Awards 

From the start, NetCentrics emphasized the importance of supporting our fellow employees. This probably grew from the fact that the company was founded by two friends in 1995. Looking out for one another was (and still is) a part of the company DNA. This was made visible to people outside the company at 9/11We were working with the Pentagon at the time of the attack, and our employees volunteered to help restore critical telecommunications and cybersecurity infrastructure. As a result, nine of our employees were awarded the Commander’s Citation by the Army (HQDA) for this work. The Commander’s Citation is the highest award given to private citizens.  

Employee Contributions

Over the years NetCentrics has donated time and money to non-profits because we believe corporate responsibility contributes to a better world for all. Our employees are active in their communities and we applaud their efforts to apply technical expertise outside of work. For example, one employee volunteered at a celebrity golf outing to raise money with the V Foundation to fight cancer. He found an opportunity to automate the systems for the event organizer, improving the fundraising process.  

Another employee-led example is the Leahy Leave Program. This program allows any NetCentrics employee to donate PTO days to fellow employees experiencing health hardships. The program began when the NetCentrics HR team asked staff to transfer their PTO days to Josh Leahy, an engineer experiencing a health crisis. This voluntary program allowed Josh to remain on payroll during his illness. The response was overwhelming. What was a stopgap measure became a formal program in his memory.   

Many NetCentrics employees have served our country in the armed forces. A few years ago several employees joined in a 5K run with Women Veterans Interactive. This group provides emergency funds for women veterans combating financial hardship while adjusting to civilian life. Employees also raised funds for RunningBrooke, an organization that emphasizes physical fitness as an important component of childhood education.

More recently, our employees raised funds for people affected by the COVID-19 pandemicEmployees donated funds to help people experiencing food insecurity through the Capital Area Food Bank 

Looking Ahead 

NetCentrics will continue to look for opportunities to contribute to our community. We are currently discussing ideas at the corporate level. We’re also asking employees for input on the causes important to them, and ways NetCentrics can assist. If you have ideas, please connect with us on social media. Or reach out to me directly at LinkedIn or on Twitter, I am interested to hear your ideas.