Designing a Future in Cybersecurity

A common misconception about cybersecurity industry is that it only needs technical skills. In fact, it requires cross-disciplinary experience. One example is our very own Courtney Parsons, who has just entered the industry. Courtney hails from the Lakes Region in New Hampshire, an area with mountains and woods in proportion to the people and traffic […]

Preparing for the Next 25 Years at NetCentrics

By Harry Aderton 2021 begins a new year, and also a new decade. At NetCentrics we’re discussing how we can apply the lessons of 2020. How can we use the institutional knowledge built up over 25+ years? We are poised to use tomorrow’s emerging technologies on behalf of our customers. We look ahead with great […]

Protecting PII at Scale: A Closer Look at the NetCentrics Approach

By Carver Pace As I wrote earlier, the pandemic is quickening the pace with which Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is produced, stored, and transmitted – opening potentially new attack surfaces for malicious actors.  NetCentrics is stepping up efforts to protect our customers’ PII at rest and in transit. While I won’t go into specifics here, I think it […]

Protecting Personally Identifiable (PII) Data

By Carver Pace Many of our clients continue to restructure their organizations due to the pandemic. Likewise, they have to restructure their IT support. With the change in the technology landscape, additional cyber-related challenges have arisen. Among those is the ability to protect personally identifiable data (PII) at rest and in transit. Under the current pandemic, remote workforces […]

Defending the United States: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

NetCentrics began as an IT pioneer serving the U.S. government in 1995. For example, we designed and installed one of the first computer networks deployed in the Pentagon. As the nation’s digital infrastructure grew, so did the need for its protection. Tragically, the terrorist attacks of 9/11 made the need to defend this new frontier […]

Grown Up and Groundbreaking: Welcome to 2021

By Lawrence O’Connor Business leaders around the globe are asking themselves, how will 2021 be different? What are the opportunities? What threats may emerge? Critically, how can we apply lessons learned in 2020 to become stronger and more effective?  The pandemic was unexpected but our company’s reaction to it was not. If anything, it solidified our posture of preparedness. If […]