NetCentrics cyber experts speak on cyber risk management & forensics

Written May 23rd, 2017

Post Tags: Cyber, cybersecurity, Cybersecurity 2017 Academic Seminar, forensics, risk management

NetCentrics’ cyber experts Marvin Marin and Michelle Miranda recently presented at the Cybersecurity 2017 Academic Seminar in Washington, D.C. at the Washington Center. The purpose of the seminar is to raise cyber awareness by examining issues surrounding the defensive and offensive protection of online space. Speaking topics included a variety of topics such as intrusion detection and response, forensics, risk management, and education and certification among others.

Marin and Miranda presented on cyber risk management and the challenges of addressing, accepting, or avoiding risks to an organization’s enterprise environment while also managing operational concerns and resources. “We wanted to give the students a real world understanding of balancing and managing risk across all of the domains they would be expected to operate in,” said Marin. “The students asked fantastic and thought provoking questions based on the real world examples that were highlighted during the presentation,” Miranda continued. “It’s apparent that the professors have equipped them with a strong technical knowledge that will serve them well in their future careers.”

With the number of cyber threats growing at a relentless pace, it’s important to make your organization as secure as possible and it’s important to have trusted cyber personnel who can strike an appropriate balance between operational needs and cyber protection. To learn more about how to protect your organization’s networks, systems, and data, visit: https://netcentrics.com/ or follow us on Twitter @NetCentricsCorp.

To learn more about the seminar, visit: http://www.twc.edu/seminars/cybersecurity-2017/faq#learning-about-cybersecurity.