NetCentrics employee and veteran Michelle Miranda represents NetCentrics at the Women Veterans Pink and White Breakfast

Written May 4th, 2017

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Michelle Miranda, a Program Manager for NetCentrics Corporation and a Marine Corps veteran, recently attended the Women Veterans Interactive (WVI) Pink and White Breakfast in Huntsville, Alabama. WVI provides women veterans the opportunity to learn about career services and support available specifically for women veterans, while also engaging and networking with likeminded individuals. WVI is hoping to start a chapter in Huntsville, Alabama, so the event also shared WVI’s vision, history, and future opportunities with woman veterans in Alabama.

WVI is a non-profit that supports women veterans at all stages of transition from military life to civilian life – from employment transition support to housing assistance, outreach, and scholarships. “One of the things that makes this Veteran Service Organization (VSO) so unique,” Miranda said, “is that WVI supports all women veterans, regardless of disability rating, combat service, or era served. They are finding and supporting the outliers.”

Cyndi Barreda, President of NetCentrics, first became involved with WVI over three years ago. “I was impressed by the organization’s efforts to support women veterans and help them make their own success by teaching things like interview skills and financial management. It was their approach and their dedication that really got me involved.” Since then, NetCentrics has participated in and supported numerous WVI events and programs over the past three years.

Ginger Miller, Founder and President of WVI, thanked NetCentrics for its continued support, “The Huntsville Women Veterans Interactive Pink and White Breakfast was awesome thanks to the support of NetCentrics and I salute NetCentrics for supporting the women who have served and sacrificed for our country!”

As reflected in our core values, NetCentrics believes in serving all the people who serve us all; we’re proud to have the opportunity to support WVI and women veterans.

WVI was created to address the unique, and often unrecognized, challenges facing our nation’s 1.8 million woman veterans as they return to civilian life. WVI has members spanning 12 states providing outreach and support services to more than 1,000 women veterans. To learn more about WVI, visit http://womenveteransinteractive.org/.