The Increasing Need For Comprehensive Cybersecurity

Written May 16th, 2015

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The understanding of the need for cybersecurity with businesses of all sizes and in all industries is becoming increasingly evident. All anyone needs to do is listen to the news or attend a business conference or a corporate training and it becomes clear that leaders in the business world are concerned about threats to the security of their data and operational systems.

Many smaller to medium sized business are also concerned about cybersecurity, but they lack the financial ability to use in-house professionals to track and managed threats against cyber options. The answer to that problem is to use the services of a company specializing in cybersecurity and threat management, like NetCentrics. These systems can be integrated into businesses of all sizes and assist in not only identifying breaches of security on secure data but also to recognize and mitigate threats before they become full enterprise scale breaches.

Identifying Potential Problems

No matter how effective a cybersecurity program may be the first step any business, corporation or organization should take is to look for vulnerabilities in their system. There are a variety of internal and external factors which can pose threats to IT environments. Although many people assume the greatest issues in cybersecurity is external hackers and breaches, internal access to secure information is also problematic and significant.

Types of Attacks

Within the United States, the most common form of cybersecurity beaches are viruses, worms, and Trojans. This is followed very closely by malware at 96% of reported issues. Web-based attacks accounted for about 61% of reported cases while inside security breaches accounted for approximately 41% as reported by Statistica. What this information shows is the importance and the very real need for all businesses to have cybersecurity protocols in place. Protecting secure data, limiting access by unauthorized employees and being able to proactively identify areas of potential weakness is critical to securing your IT systems.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t have this type of complete protection and are only aware of issues once a significant breach has occurred and the damage has been done. Companies are increasingly coming under consumer pressure to step up their cybersecurity programs and protocols. However, even without this consumer pressure companies recognize the loss in revenue not only in correcting security breaches but also in repairing the damage they cause. Proactively hiring security companies to not only set up programs but also to assess for vulnerabilities is critical in all areas of industry and business, regardless of size. To learn more click here.