Courtney ParsonsA common misconception about cybersecurity industry is that it only needs technical skills. In fact, it requires cross-disciplinary experience. One example is our very own Courtney Parsons, who has just entered the industry.

Courtney hails from the Lakes Region in New Hampshire, an area with mountains and woods in proportion to the people and traffic packed into northern Virginia. She accepted a receptionist position at NetCentrics last year in part because of the work/life benefit. (NetCentrics offers competitive salaries and a bounty of benefits; the work/life flexibility is often cited as a favorite.) With this benefit she is able to continue her education in graphic design while simultaneously earning practical knowledge working in this new, and always evolving, field.

In the receptionist role you’ll find Courtney as the point person as soon as you walk into HQ. At least, that’s how it was before covid-19. Now she works entirely remotely. She provides critical support in a number of functional business areas such as scheduling, coordination, and communications. Her role recently expanded to include the design skills she is honing in her visual communications classes.

“Illustration is my first love, and I’m currently working on obtaining my degree in graphic design,” she says. Courtney’s brought these interests and abilities to the company designing our monthly newsletter and related marketing collateral. For example, she recently redesigned the interface and icons of NetCentrics’ intranet, a portal that employees see every day. She designed materials for one one of NetCentrics’ government clients, and is also actively participating in our company’s rebranding efforts, underway now.

Visual Communications in Cybersecurity

Illustration by Courtney Parsons

Courtney’s design skills may seem outside the scope of cybersecurity – but only if you choose to ignore how important visual communication can be to convey complicated topics. Courtney’s work provides an outlet for her creative aptitude. But her skills also help our company communicate effectively. As an industry, we need more people like Courtney who are skilled in visual communication. Cyber risks, cyber attacks, and their solutions, are often easier and faster to explain visually.

“What I like best about working at NetCentrics is the environment and culture,” says Courtney. “To me it feels good on a human level to be able to collaborate, even in small ways, with hard working people who are passionate about their jobs and what they do.”

She adds: “I also appreciate the opportunities for learning, growth, and advancement at NetCentrics. Not many companies would invest in a part-time receptionist, then expand the role full-time with more responsibilities tailored to my long-term career goals. I’m really grateful.”

Connect with Courtney on LinkedIn and check out her design portfolio.

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