Vathana Say

From Remedy Administrator to Art Director

In her role as a Remedy Administrator for NetCentrics at the Pentagon, Vathana Say manages access and controls to the ticketing system and works with her peers to solve technical problems and develop ways to better serve their customer. In many ways, she is both a teacher and a student, learning about solutions from her peers and also sharing that knowledge with her customers.

Her teaching doesn’t stop there. Vathana is also the Assistant Art Director and Dance Teacher for the Cambodian Buddhist Society Cultural Committee. As the daughter of the former Cultural Committee President, Raci Say, she grew up dancing at the Cambodian Buddhist Temple as part of the art program. In 2005, she started teaching others the cultural dance techniques and she became an apprentice teacher in 2012.

Much like the technical standards she uses with Remedy to keep the tool functioning properly, Vathana applies similar standards with her dance students, ensuring that everything from the specific movements to the cultural aspects of the tradition are preserved from generation to generation.

In both her technical work for her customers as well as her work with her students, Vathana is patient and passionate, demonstrating NetCentrics’ core values by applying creative thinking and thoughtful leadership to improve the quality of life.