Phillip Lee

How many oysters can an oyster shucker shuck?

Yes, it is an existential question, but it happens we know the answer.

Philip Lee is a network security engineer by day. He works diligently with our team to ensure our military has the tools it needs to make the best decisions possible. By night and weekend, however, Philip is recognized in the Chesapeake Bay area as one of the leading oyster shuckers in the Eastern US. In fact, in 2007 he was the Chesapeake Bay Oyster Shucking Champion. No one shucked oysters like Philip that year, and no one brings more energy and enthusiasm for his work than Philip.

What, you might ask, does oyster shucking have to do with keeping our military’s networks safe and secure? Phil, and all our team, approach everything the do with the passion that makes them champions. At work, at home, all the time.