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Eric Cortina and the LERIC Project

NetCentrics employee innovates to help the homeless

Eric Cortina, a Configuration and Project Manager for NetCentrics Corporation, is part of a team responsible for managing projects for the Secretary of Defense – making sure communication networks remain online and secure, and managing changes to those networks. And right now, he’s also trying to bring a different type of change through another project.

The LERIC Project started with an idea that Eric and his fiancé, Lauren, (ergo, LERIC) had in 2016 – they were trying to figure out the best way to help the homeless in the national capital region. With winter around the corner, they decided to help keep the homeless warm with blankets – something that can be an instant help to those sleeping outside, in heatless shelters, or in multi-family homes and apartments without heat.

In 2017, Eric and Lauren formally started the LERIC Project, donating a blanket to the homeless for every blanket that they sell through their company. The blankets sold were originally $51 – not only covering expenses and shipping for both blankets, but also representing the 50 states plus the District of Colombia that they hope to impact. Since then, Eric has been able to reduce the cost to $40, while also adding other items like beach blankets, bedding, and bags.

Eric and his fiancée are engaging with their community in a genuine effort to improve the quality of life for the homeless – a selfless and sincere effort, and an amazing demonstration of NetCentrics’ core values.

To learn more about the LERIC Project, or to purchase a blanket and help Eric and Lauren reach their goal of donating 2,500 blankets by fall 2017, visit

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