Caitlin hit the ground running with NetCentrics, joining the Program Management Support Team as a Junior Analyst in September of 2017 in a temp-to-perm role.

Wasting no time, Caitlin took full advantage of the opportunity to learn and grow. Her hard work, dedication, and desire to take on more paid off in just 5 short months when she was brought on as a permanent employee. Six months later she was promoted to a senior role. Stepping in as Program Lead for Application Management Support (AMS) with the added responsibility of keeping the Program Management Support Office (PMSO) moving in the right direction, Caitlin’s work ethic is second to none and embodies loyalty and dedication.

Caitlin’s advice?

• Don’t be afraid to ask for more challenges, responsibility or help
• Speak up for yourself
• Make sure you communicate and learn from the people around you
• Engage – Showing up is the first step to getting involved
• Build relationships at work – care about and get to know your co-workers!
• Don’t be afraid to fail because we learn from our mistakes