Staff Stories

Our staff are dedicated people who deliver incredible value to our customers. But all of us are much more interesting and complex than just what we do at work. Here we highlight some of our staff who do amazing things every day in their spare time.




Caitlin hit the ground running with NetCentrics, joining the Program Management Support Team as a Junior Analyst in September of 2017 in a temp-to-perm role.Wasting no time, Caitlin took full advantage of the opportunity to learn and grow. Her hard work, dedication, and desire to take on more paid off in just 5 short months when she was brought on as a permanent employee. Six months later she was promoted to a senior role. Stepping in as Program Lead for Application Management Support (AMS) with the added responsibility of keeping the Program Management Support Office (PMSO) moving in the right direction, Caitlin’s work ethic is second to none and embodies loyalty and dedication.

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Genna has been with NetCentrics for 1 year. She is motivated by the idea of refining the systems that support employees, which in turn enables our employees to implement solutions for our customers.Being a natural problem solver led Genna to her current position at NetCentrics, making it the first opportunity in her current field. At first, she was intimidated by our fast-paced work environment but over time she took the initiative to do research, build her skillset, and adjust. She also credits her coworkers for providing additional support and pushing her to grow in areas outside of her comfort zone.

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Glenda Harris


The Bionic Renaissance Woman

If you ever get the chance to see Glenda Harris perform, you might think after the first song that she’s a talented singer and guitarist. By the end of the second song, you’d realize that she also plays the Harmonium, Sitar, Hardanger Fiddle, Violin, Mandolin, and dobro. And by the end of her set, you will probably have lost count of exactly how many instruments she’s played (it’s 12, by the way). Glenda started playing music when she was only six years old, and credits the public school she attended as the gateway to her now seasoned understanding and passion for music and the arts.

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Joy Brathwaite


Unafraid of the Unknown

Joy Brathwaite is a photographer supporting the Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) Visual Information/Multimedia & Engineering Services (VIMES) contract at Fort Belvoir. She photographs various INSCOM events – from official ceremonies and warrant officer balls, to historical artifacts and the construction of the new INSCOM headquarters. But despite her creative eye, Joy’s educational background isn’t in photography – it’s in aerospace engineering.

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Domenique Malone


A man about the total experience

Domenique Malone is a Macintosh System Administrator for NetCentrics, supporting the Joint Service Provider (JSP) Service Delivery Team at the Pentagon. Originally from Wisconsin, Domenique graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a BA in Multimedia Digital Arts and Information Technology. He worked as an Apple Creative while pursuing his Master’s in Education, with an emphasis in Educational and Instructional Technology, then transplanted to the DC area after receiving his degree. While with Apple, Domenique focused on maximizing the end-user experience for his clients, unveiling untouched capabilities, minimizing frustrations, and leveraging technology to simplify everyday challenges and frustrations. But this focus on experiences didn’t stop with Apple – it extended into his personal life as well.

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Federal IT Contractor by Day, Musician by Night

Jerry Darby is the Systems and Server Operations Lead supporting the Military Commissions Defense Organization (MCDO) for NetCentrics Corporation. Jerry and his team handle all of the service desk tickets for the roughly 200 MCDO personnel, providing tier II support and managing servers at the application level. While some of the tickets submitted are easily fixed, many of them require both creativity and curiosity to resolve.

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Janis Ward-Catlett

Janis: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

NetCentrics employee helps youth cultivate leaderships skills

Janis Ward-Catlett started sharing inspirational quotes on her Facebook page as a part of “Motivational Monday” – a way to encourage her friends and followers on a consistent basis. After falling ill, she wasn’t able to post for several weeks, much to the disappointment of her social media followers. The resulting outcry, in fact, was so great that Janis decided to start not only a blog, but ultimately a non-profit, dedicated to mentoring students from fourth to twelfth grade.

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Vathana Say


From Remedy Administrator to Art Director

In her role as a Remedy Administrator for NetCentrics at the Pentagon, Vathana Say manages access and controls to the ticketing system and works with her peers to solve technical problems and develop ways to better serve their customer. In many ways, she is both a teacher and a student, learning about solutions from her peers and also sharing that knowledge with her customers.

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Jake Null


Mild-mannered Network and Problem Management Engineer in one of the world’s most demanding IT settings by day, passionate Music Director in one of the nation’s most talented theatre scenes by night – Jake Null has mastered the art of merging the creative with the technical. Music and theatre are in his blood. Literally.

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