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NetCentrics Culture

NetCentrics is leading the way on the most difficult enterprise IT and cybersecurity challenges.  We take our work very seriously, but don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Our founders wanted to work where they could make a real difference, enjoy the people they worked with, and work with people who had real expertise.

Our culture reflects those values.  We apply creative thinking, imaginative engineering, innovative technology and thoughtful leadership to improve the quality of life for our customers and ourselves.  Customers, partners and others who work with us will be better for having done so.

Leahy Leave Program

A good example of our culture is the Leahy Leave program, named for Josh Leahy, an engineer who worked on one of our contracts.  Josh contracted a serious disease, and had to miss a significant number of days of work.  The NetCentrics HR team asked our staff to transfer their PTO days to Josh so he could retain his pay during his illness.  This was first a voluntary program, and allowed Josh to remain on the payroll during his illness.  The response was overwhelming, and what was a stopgap measure became a formal program, named after Josh.  This story represents a key component of our culture:  we treat our staff like family, which reinforces one of our core values:  We are Family.

Jimmy V / ESPYs Relationship

As part of our “why” statement, we focus on applying creative thinking and imaginative engineering to improve the quality of life.  One of our employees who was volunteering for a celebrity golf outing to raise money to fight cancer found an opportunity to automate the systems for the event organizer.  For over a decade we’ve built and expanded that organizer to help run large charity events to raise money for cancer research.  Our culture encourages us to use our skills and knowledge to help our customers succeed, but also to make the world a better place.

We believe in personal growth, in doing good work and taking care of others, in taking responsibility, in straight talk, in putting ideas into valuable action, and in leaving the world a better place than we found it. We believe our customers and our colleagues are better off because they worked with us.

Five core values define who and why we exist:
  • Do The Right Things & Do Them Right
  • Engage
  • Be Genuine
  • Leap Courageously
  • We Are Family

Our culture is unique and provides value to our staff, which leads to greater value for our partners and especially our customers. Talk to us about what makes our culture so different, and why that should matter to you.


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