Mike McDonough

Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

Mike brings 37 years’ experience working for and with the US Government, serving in the USAF for 25 years then delivering mission critical capabilities to our military services since. Mike’s extensive experience leading and supporting some of our Nation’s most critical missions has afforded him the subject matter expertise to work with our customers to improve their performance and capabilities. He is directly responsible for several technology innovations that are today, making our military more effective. Since retiring from the USAF in 2008, Mike has worked with many of the country’s leading defense contractors as a consultant, guiding major programs and solutions to the needed results. Mike emerged in the IT industry working with the recognized leading Value Added Reseller and continued to innovate for his customers driving technology to support edge computing and mobile tactical communications. Mike is also an entrepreneur and has helped establish and grow two very successful companies.

As Vice President, Mike leads NetCentrics’ Enterprise Solutions line of business. He’s driving a new go-to-market approach to ensure that our government agency and DoD customers have the capabilities they need, when and where they need them. Mike has also established a new product line for NetCentrics. The Edge Line produces innovative products focused on mission performance, reliability in austere conditions, and common sense resolution of chronic field problems.