Jim Debardi

Chief Information Officer

Jim brings 35 years’ experience in the Research & Development and IT fields in contributing to NetCentrics’s technical leadership. Jim has extensive experience supporting DoD and Federal Government customers. Since the late 1990s, Jim has primarily supported our Dept. of Defense clients within the Pentagon reservation. Jim was Program Manager for the US Army Information Technology Agency (ITA) Data Center from its inception through early 2012. Jim was instrumental in ITA’s recovery following the 2001 9/11 attacks, and led the data center’s recovery to full operational services. For his efforts, Jim received the Outstanding Civilian Service Award, which is the third-highest award within the Department of the Army which can be bestowed on a private citizen. Following his leadership of the ITA Data Center, Jim became Program Manager for the Enterprise Information Technology Services Directorate (EITSD) Data Center, the Pentagon’s second largest data center.

As CIO, Jim leads Netcentrics’s IT support services for its internal infrastructure and operations. Jim evaluates new technology for potential incorporation into the corporate infrastructure and its cloud-based services, and works with our on-site subject matter experts in evaluating current and potential new technology solutions appropriate for their environment, mission, customer base, and security requirements. Jim is also the lead executive for execution of our corporate ISO 20000 and CMMI Level III certifications.