ENCORE III, a follow-on to ENCORE II, is a contract vehicle to provide global IT capabilities, attributes, or services under multiple award, Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (ID/IQ) task order type contracts that support the Department of Defense (DoD), and other Federal agencies.

Individual Task Orders shall be used to perform the 19 performance areas which form the basis for providing information technology (IT) solutions for the development, installation, fielding, training, operation and life-cycle management of components and systems in the operational environments of Combatant Commands and their subordinate components, the military services, Defense agencies, Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and other Federal agencies. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO) is responsible for administration of ENCORE III contracts and all task orders.

ENCORE III will be able to provide assistance to Service/Agency efforts as they transition legacy systems to the JIE and associated enterprise services or the Core Data Center construct.

ENCORE III is flexible and readily adaptable to satisfy the specific requirements of a variety of customers. Enterprise services will be defined independently from specific network and systems technology, as needed. Exploitation of new technology will be made easier by the flexibility of the service architecture, which fits in an environment with multiple providers of services.

A goal of ENCORE III is to maximize the use of commercial Enterprise IT products and technology, and to focus the limited Government research and development capacity on unique requirements.



The NetCentrics team offers a unique blend of skills and capacity for our DISA Mission Partners through enduring and well established partnerships within industry.  The following DITCO-approved sub-contract partners provide expert services that meet both company standards and employee certifications qualified to work on any Encore III task order.

Company Specialty Co Type Contracts POC Office Number Email
Abacus Tech OSD / Services Desk SB Jane Cross 301-215-7593 crossj@abacustech.com
American Communications Solutions, LLC Enterprise IT SDVOSB John Schleifer 703-789-4481 john.schleifer@acommsolutions.com
American Cyber Cyber Operations SDB Amy Martin 703-451-2774 gwinkler@AmericanCyber.com
Array Info Tech Software / Agile Development LB Denise Muir 301-329-2754 denise.muir@arrayinfotech.com
Axerra Cyber Forensics SDB/HZ Reddy Marri 949-238-7500 rmarri@axxerainc.com
BNL, Inc. SDVOSB Dave Lester 703-829-0247 dave@bnlinc.com
Bravium ITSM 8a/EDWOSB Ryan Nuessle 520-440-4078 rnuessle@braviumconsulting.com
BroadLeaf Enterprise IT 8a / NHO Vince Apesa 571-445-8257 vince.apesa@broadleaf-inc.com
ByLight Strategic Comms / DISA / Cybercom SB Maureen Saldano 703-224-1000 x570 maureen.soldano@bylight.com
CKA Customer Insight /Mainframe / Messaging WOSB Jim Brundage 703-835-1880 phuong.chen@ckaonline.com
CompQsoft SDB/HZ Farhana Iqbal 703-344-8445 farah@compqsoft.com
Cyber Management IT Security, Cyber, Engineering, Operations VOSB Hugh Maney 571-214-1632 maneyhc@cybermgt.com
Digital Consultants CND / COOP / DB and Software Development SDB, 8a Brandon Allen-Santos 757-472-7254 brandon.allen-santos@digitalconsultants.org
DIOS Writer / System Engineer WOSB Matt Wood 240-626-6063 mwood@dios-tech.com
Gcubed IT Cloud, Cyber, Security Engineering SDVOSB/8a Vernon Green 540-412-0753 vgreen@gcubedinc.com
Gcyber, LLC Cyber Security and Operations SB Dave Shaffer 571-308-9002 dshaffer@gcyber.com
Geodata IT Justin Bennett 217-390-8085 justin@geodatait.com
Harmonia WOSDB Mike Bame 540-951-5900 x202 mbame@harmonia.com
IEM CBRNE and Disaster Management Systems Development / Operations WOSB Rich Rowe 703-414-8195 rich.rowe@iem.com
KaylaTek Acquired NSTAR EDWOSB Joe Burke 703-896-7697 joe.burke@kaylatek.com
NextPoint Information Security / Service Desk SB Diane Norman 703-879-4484 scott@newpointgroup.com
ORSA ISR / Cyber / IT Engineering SDVOSB Codi McCaw 520-335-1265 codi.mccaw@orsatechnologies.com
Purdy Group SDVOSDB Frank Purdy 240-305-2478 frankpurdy@purdygroup.com
SONA Network 8a / SDB, HZ Harry Hans 410-329-1811 jantony@sonanetworks.com
Stacia Group SDVOSDB Bill Stacia 703-761-7082 bill@staciagroup.com
TapHere RF Encryption SB George Grooms 703-334-4147 ggrooms@taphere.com
Tiber Creek Software WOSB Eric Munns 703-539-6476 eric.munns@tibercreek.com
VAE, Inc. LB Nicole Lackey 513-766-2186 nicole.lackey@vaeit.com

For industry partners interested in being considered as a partner on our Encore III team, please send contact information to: encore3@netcentrics.com.

Performance Areas

Performance Areas provide a comprehensive template for the contracting of all life-cycle phases of IT solutions.  IT services, hardware, software, and enabling products will be obtained on an as-needed basis (i.e. through the issuance of task orders).

  • Performance Area 1 – Enterprise IT Policy and Planning
  • Performance Area 2 – Integrated Solutions Management
  • Performance Area 3 – Process, Performance, and Strategic Benchmarking
  • Performance Area 4 – Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Performance Area 5 – Requirements Analysis
  • Performance Area 6 – Market Research and Prototyping
  • Performance Area 7 – Information and Knowledge Management
  • Performance Area 8 – Custom Application Development
  • Performance Area 9 – Product Integration
  • Performance Area 10 – Test and Evaluation (T&E)
  • Performance Area 11 – Asset Management
  • Performance Area 12 – Network Support
  • Performance Area 13 – Cyber Security Assessment, Authorization, and Authorization
  • Performance Area 14 – Information Communications Technology
  • Performance Area 15 – Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Performance Area 16 – Web Services
  • Performance Area 17 – Operations Support
  • Performance Area 18 – IT Support Services
  • Performance Area 19 – Cloud Professional Services

How to Use

Point of Contact

Email:  encore3@netcentrics.com

Don Renner
ENCORE III PM/Executive Director, DoD Programs
205 Van Buren Street, Suite 420
Herndon, VA 20170
P: 571.313.7948 | M: 571.217.3367

Samuel Poticha
ENCORE III Account Manager
205 Van Buren Street, Suite 420
Herndon, VA 20170
M: 540.718.1752
P: 703.466.5148

Nicole Hayden
Contracts Administrator 
205 Van Buren Street #420
Herndon, VA 20170
P: 703.714.7345  | M: 301.651.9096

Partner Information

NetCentrics provides the following links for our registered partners:


To register, email the following:

Don Renner
ENCORE III PM/Executive Director, DoD Programs
205 Van Buren Street, Suite 420
Herndon, VA 20170
P: 571.313.7948 | M: 571.217.3367

Samuel Poticha
ENCORE III Account Manager
205 Van Buren Street, Suite 420
Herndon, VA 20170
M: 540.718.1752
P: 703.466.5148