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Employee Spotlight: Lynne Mina


Lynne Mina has something too many people lack, and cannot buy: a close network of long-held friendships, and a professional network built on generosity. She’s too modest to tell you this herself, but it is evident when you meet her because she is so positive and reliable. She is also, surprisingly, into hobbies you might not expect from folks in the financial department, like her colleagues Bill and Wendy.

So, how do you get to know Lynne? Pull up a chair and help yourself to that cheese and charcuterie board she designed…

A cheese, charcuterie, chocolate and fresh fruit arrangement Lynne made to welcome the new year

Three Times a Charm

Lynne Mina

Lynne worked with our CFO Holly Aglio at two previous jobs. This made the decision to join NetCentrics last year an easy one. “It’s our third time working together,” she says, citing the company where they met in 2010. Lynne’s roles have always been in corporate accounting and finance, maximizing company performance and profitability through systems optimization. She joined NetCentrics as Director of Financial Planning and Analysis. She strategically forecasts budgets and pricing, and manages the actuals that keep the business humming.

Establishing a solid working relationship with Holly was a natural extension of the value Lynne places on personal relationships. She describes her family as her “rock” and her source of strength and motivation. Most of them live nearby in Northern Virginia but portion of her heart stayed with her family in the Philippines, where she grew up. Lynne and her husband, Rowel, are childfree, so dote on their three year old niece, Mali Jane.

Niece Mali Jane

Also important to her are her core group of three girlfriends she’s known since high school and college days, whom she calls her “Mares”. “We get together regularly,” she says, explaining that the group only paused get-togethers during the early part of the pandemic, during the pre-vaccine era. “They’ve been there through all my highs and lows, I feel recharged every time we see each other!” she says, describing how they’ve played an important role in her life over the years since graduation.

Cheese, Charcuterie, and Cricut    

During the pandemic, Lynne picked up two new hobbies. The first is producing personalized tote bags, tumblers, decals, and other crafts using a Cricut machine. She accesses patterns online, similar to a 3-D printer, or can upload her own designs that are fed back to the machine’s precise cutting capabilities. One of her big projects during the holidays was a family seal decal suitable for glassware and mugs, and she’s given these as gifts. Now she’s into larger projects using vinyl and heat presses to create custom t-shirts, with ambitions for other projects, too.

A gift to friends, made using a Cricut

The other hobby, designing cheese and charcuterie boards, sprang from her enjoyment of wine and fancy snacks with her friends. Rather than buying pre-made boards at the supermarket, Lynne started to custom-make boards for special events (like birthdays) and around certain themes (like truffles). She’s gotten so good at sourcing unique combinations and artfully displaying them, that some (this writer!) suggests she develop a side hustle business. Her CPA credentials could be reworked to represent Cheese, Parties, and Amazement.

A holiday themed cheese board by Lynne

The cheese and charcuterie business might have to ferment a bit longer, though, because NetCentrics keeps Lynne very busy. “We are in growth mode here, for sure,” she says, adding, “maybe I’ll design a board for our next, in-person company celebration.”

Until then, Lynne will continue to contribute to NetCentrics’ success, investing her time into building strong relationships inside and outside the company.

“We are in growth mode here, for sure,” she says, adding, “maybe I’ll design a board for our next, in-person company celebration.”

Katie McCaskey

Head of Marketing and Communications, NetCentrics
Katie is passionate about cybersecurity and emerging technologies.
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