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Employee Spotlight: Bill Bride


Agility with numbers is a talent many people would associate with a Senior Accountant. But photography? Yes, that too! NetCentrics’ Bill Bride is someone who clearly exercises both sides of his brain with stellar results. His passion for numbers and his passion for sports photography compliment his skills in both endeavors.

From Banking to Basketball

Bill Bride

Bill’s work in accounting grew from his early affinity for numbers. His career background in banking and accounting eventually drew him to NetCentrics, where he specializes in payroll. In this role he must stay current in a range of subjects, from rules and regulations to client-specific bonus structures and the many details of personnel payments. “I’m constantly learning new things, and I like that about my job,” says Bill.

About a dozen years ago, Bill bought himself a camera to document his young son’s athletics. What began as a personal hobby grew when his work was picked up by 24/7 Sports, then a small website covering Maryland sports. This gig eventually grew into a series of sports assignments. Eventually, he was invited to cover sports at his son’s high school and at nearby George Mason University.

Making the Perfect Shot

Just as numbers tell stories – of growth, momentum, and evolution – still photography captures a specific moment in time. “I like that about photography. An entire story can be captured in a single frame.”

a photo by Bill Bride at George Mason University

He shared an example. Bill was covering a very close game and moved quickly to get a photo of a tie-breaking basketball shot. He captured that moment with clarity, but also something else: the expression of joy and camaraderie of all the player’s teammates as they cheered the player on to victory. Capturing those moments are special to the players and to the families, too. Bill’s met a lot of people as a result.

As with accounting, details matter. Every game is different, and the elements can make or break a shot. New lighting or paint on the basketball court can dramatically change a space Bill has shot previously. He must stay alert to these changes and consider how to work with them.

Bill joined NetCentrics just over a year ago. He says he is especially happy with his boss’s flexibility when it comes to his photography assignments. That kind of work-life balance is one of NetCentrics’ most cherished benefits. (In fact, we recently won a Work-Life Balance award.)    

And — not only does he process our paychecks, Bill documents our playtime here, too! His unofficial duties include capturing company events like our Halloween party.

Follow Bill and his photography at his website, Twitter or on Instagram. And, if you see him at a game, say hello!

“I’m constantly learning new things, and I like that about my job”

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