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A goal of ENCORE III is to maximize the use of commercial Enterprise IT products and technology. This enables the government to focus limited research and development capacity on unique requirements. The ENCORE III contract vehicle covers a spectrum of information technology solutions. These include the development, installation, fielding, training, operation, and lifecycle management of components and systems in Combatant Command operational environments.

ENCORE III is flexible and readily adaptable to satisfy the specific requirements of a variety of customers. Enterprise services are defined independently from specific network and systems technology, as needed. Exploitation of new technology is made easier by the flexibility of the service architecture, which fits in a modern environment with multiple service providers.

ENCORE III provides assistance to Service/Agency efforts as they transition legacy systems to the Joint Information Environment (JIE), associated enterprise services, or the Core Data Center construct.

DISA and the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO) are  responsible for administration of ENCORE III contracts and all task orders.

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The ENCORE III contract provides IT solutions for activities throughout all operating levels of all customer organizations in support of functional requirements including Command and Control (C2), Intelligence, and Mission support areas, and to all elements of the Joint Information Environment (JIE).

  • Performance Area 1 – Enterprise IT Policy and Planning
  • Performance Area 2 – Integrated Solutions Management
  • Performance Area 3 – Process, Performance, and Strategic Benchmarking
  • Performance Area 4 – Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Performance Area 5 – Requirements Analysis
  • Performance Area 6 – Market Research and Prototyping
  • Performance Area 7 – Information and Knowledge Management
  • Performance Area 8 – Custom Application Development
  • Performance Area 9 – Product Integration
  • Performance Area 10 – Test and Evaluation (T&E)
  • Performance Area 11 – Asset Management
  • Performance Area 12 – Network Support
  • Performance Area 13 – Cyber Security Assessment, Authorization, and Authorization
  • Performance Area 14 – Information Communications Technology
  • Performance Area 15 – Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Performance Area 16 – Web Services
  • Performance Area 17 – Operations Support
  • Performance Area 18 – IT Support Services
  • Performance Area 19 – Cloud Professional Services

The NetCentrics team manages large enterprise IT systems and data centers. We have extensive experience managing all of the operations and maintenance for mission critical systems.

Our select group of IT industry partners for ENCORE III enable rapid delivery of capabilities and solutions to DISA and users of the ENCORE III contract in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. 

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