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Data Security: Centerpiece of Cybersecurity


“What fascinates me is that the job is never done, and the challenges that come with it are never the same,” says Carver (“CJ”) Pace of his work in cybersecurity at NetCentrics. CJ began his career in computer science with a focus on computer networking. Eventually that grew to include computer forensics and data security expertise.

Carver Pace
Carver “CJ” Pace

“I enjoyed connecting systems and services together and watching them work. However, over time I watched those systems and services come under attack from unknown threats. Like any engineer that has finished a masterpiece, I want to protect it and watch it provide meaningful service. I got into cybersecurity because I wanted the ability to protect the systems and services I engineered and implemented.

Data Security Crucial to System Planning and Design

NetCentrics has a long history implementing security-focused IT strategy. Since the beginning this has meant ongoing, system-wide IT modernization. The ever-increasing volume of digital assets in the modern world require specialized skills to outwit clever adversaries. This mission has driven CJ throughout his career.

During his five years at NetCentrics CJ has led cyber teams on massive projects where failure is not an option. These projects require a combination of deep expertise and interpersonal skills to deliver secure, dependable environments.

One example is NetCentrics’ work building, from the ground up, the cybersecurity center of a major government agency. The design process demanded careful planning and implementation. Protecting data end-to-end, from entry, to processing, to storage and retrieval, is crucial.

Ongoing Training in Cybersecurity

Evaluating systems to find the root cause of any breach requires time and patience. Problem-solving also requires the ongoing development of new skills. Adversaries are always changing their tactics.

“For one client, we established an out-of-band cyber training lab where their cyber-SMEs [Subject Matter Experts] could continue to temper their skills,” explains CJ. His teams must be ready to review and implement changes immediately, and learn accordingly.

NetCentrics prioritizes ongoing learning and training so that cybersecurity experts like CJ can meet future demands placed on government and private industry alike. Fluency in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence is important.

“We have trained SMEs, and we continued to work on our skills through a series of online training providers and internal force-on-force exercises and discussion groups,” he says. “This mentality keeps us acclimated to what is happening in the field. It also keeps us looking for ways to prepare for what is to come. We are always preparing to address the unknown,” says CJ.

Connect with CJ on LinkedIn. If you want to continue building skills in emerging technologies, check out NetCentrics’ job listings and follow NetCentrics on LinkedIn.

"I got into cybersecurity because I wanted the ability to protect the systems and services I engineered and implemented."

Katie McCaskey

Head of Marketing and Communications, NetCentrics
Katie is passionate about cybersecurity and emerging technologies.
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