Understanding the Power of SOAR for Government

Robert Schofield June 13, 2019 By now, it’s clear that the shifting cyberattack landscape requires new approaches and tools on the part of the federal government. Agencies must “see,” with a single point of view, all of the activity impacting devices, networks and data under their watch and then respond immediately to the biggest threats […]

How Federal Agencies Can Unleash the Power of Quantum Cryptography

Seli Agbolosu-Amison June 5, 2019 In developing tools and methods to safeguard data, government and industry technology leaders are constantly seeking out new sources of innovation. This, after all, is what we do. Sometimes, a potential breakthrough comes along that could make a transcendent level of impact in advancing both the speed and proficiency of […]

Why Federal Agencies Need AIOps

Jim Debardi & Justin Long June 2, 2019 Federal government Security Operations Center (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC) teams are overwhelmed with tools. Dozens, even hundreds are not uncommon, which are designed to monitor and alert on various systems, applications, behaviors and other factors of the IT enterprise environment. This commonly leads to one […]