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Robert Schofield, a Senior Solutions Architect for NetCentrics, and Thomas Cook, a Senior Systems Engineer for NetCentrics, recently published an article in Cyber Defense Magazine. Titled How consistent security reporting in government could prevent the next WannaCry exploit, the article explores the concept of data aggregation as a means to improved cybersecurity in the federal space. Robert and Thomas explain that the abundance of tools results in an equal abundance of information, which isn’t always consistent when compared to data collected from other tools.

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Seli Agbolosu-Amison, PhD, a cybersecurity data scientist for NetCentrics Corporation, has recently published an article in SIGNAL Magazine on four of the main cyber policies transforming government. Seli explains that as a result of recent federal legislative and administrative activity, government agencies are expected to launch significant modernizations of their cybersecurity systems, get offensive with hackers, and take a more strategic approach to risk, and breaks down the specific components of the four major policies.

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Kalai Kandasamy, a Sr. Network Engineer for NetCentrics, and Colby Proffitt, a Sr. Analyst for NetCentrics, recently co-authored an article titled, “7 Skills Federal Cyber Pros Need to Know”. The article, featured by NextGov, highlights seven cyber skills that will likely be in high demand in 2018 and beyond, largely on account of advances in AI, automation, and machine learning.

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