NetCentrics Capability Brief


NetCentrics has a proven 25+ year history of executing our vision – Secure Our Nation – by providing cutting-edge cyber, IT and hybrid solutions for mission critical projects within the federal government. Not only do we welcome the challenges that come along with providing complex technology services, but we are inspired by them. We provide solutions via innovative working groups, with an emphasis on creative thinking, prototyping and simulations, and continuous process improvement.

We have the talent and resources of a large company yet move with the agility of a smaller one – both in practice and in mind – to provide a seamless user experience, with education, responses and solutions tailored specifically to customers’ needs. From top to bottom, we are solutions focused, mission-driven and highly accessible; we treat every partner as a top priority regardless of size or scope of problem, and the availability of NetCentrics leadership guarantees our team will provide a warp speed response to our customers’ challenges every step of the way.

Our Core Values instill a culture built upon enabling a highly collaborative and healthy work environment with a major focus on ongoing individual growth; NetCentrics takes care of our teammates and their families so we can deliver the best of ourselves to our customers, always


• Established in 1995
• Headquartered in Herndon, VA
• Providing Cyber, Enterprise IT, and Telecommunications support to DoD, DHS, Federal/Civilian and IC agencies
• Top Secret facility clearance


• ISO 9001: Quality Management System (QMS): 2008
• ISO 20000: IT Service Management System (SMS): 2011
• ISO 27001: Information Security Management (IMS): 2015


WraithTM – Cyber SaaS Solution – Air National Guard (ANG)

CHALLENGE: ANG’s lack of TTPs and technical infrastructure to perform CPT operations within cloud-based MP environments.

SOLUTION: Architected a modular cloud-based system capable of establishing secure connectivity between ANG SOCs, and on-premise, cloud-hosted and hybrid MP environments.

IMPACT: A Cloud Cyber Operation Platform (CCOP) that can integrate with the ANGs existing Domestic Cyber Mission System (DCMS).

Cybersecurity Center – Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

CHALLENGE: Building a security operations center from the ground up for DHS and one of its primary subordinate organizations.

SOLUTION: Designed, developed, and deployed solutions addressing vulnerabilities and enhancing capabilities; built with future scaling in mind.

IMPACT: Established a fully capable cybersecurity operations center via specialized expertise and custom solutions.

Leading the United States Coast Guard (USGC) from DIACAP to RMF

CHALLENGE: The government mandated transition from Defense Information Assurance and Certification Process (DIACAP) to the Risk Management Framework (RMF).

SOLUTION: Team NetCentrics enhanced security by processing 400+ authorization packages, and implemented a risk-scoring model; improving risk vulnerability reporting based on DISA criteria.

IMPACT: Enabled USCG to become the first U.S. armed service to complete the transition to RMF. The project required deep expertise and a collaborative environment.


5111210 – Software Publishers
541330 – Engineering Services
541510 – Computer Systems Design & Related Services
541511 – Custom Computer Programming Services
541519 – Other Computer Related Services
541600 – Management, Scientific, & Technical Consulting Services
541610 – Management Consulting Services
541611 – Administrative Management & General Management Consulting Services
541690 – Other Scientific & Technical Consulting Services





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