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Business Development Executive Revels in the Chase of New Technologies, New Opportunities


Editor’s Note: Could you be pulled out of retirement for a job you loved? That’s exactly what Amy Johnson did, and her pursuit of ‘what’s next’ enables NetCentrics to stay ahead of the competition. Today’s technologies continue to expand the need for cybersecurity into new domains, and Amy is on the lookout for novel ways to apply our company’s specialized expertise in government, armed forces, and the private sector.

Tell us a little about yourself and what brought you to NetCentrics…

Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson

Before I began my career in the Technology field I was in the 157th Military Police, Army National Guard for 6 years and in the Banking arena for 10 years.

I have more than 25 years in Information Technology development, from surveying and developing infrastructure projects through managing personnel and contracts. My management specialized in multiple complex and inter-related Government IT projects providing strategic planning, business assessment, process design, knowledge management, technical and financial analysis for contracts valued at more than $150 million.

My career in the technology field started out as a Technician Level III performing on-site management, project preparation, material acquisition and personnel administration for copper and fiber installation, termination, and testing for various U.S. Navy medical installation locations. I performed installation and configuration of local area network (LAN) hardware to include hubs, routers, network interface cards, and modems.  I constructed voice and data communication closets.

Then my career took me into another level of technology as an IT Technician conducting site surveys, needs analysis, and engineering of inside/outside cable plant, manhole and duct systems, and LAN electronics for U.S. Information Systems Engineering Command (USAISEC) via the U.S. Army Outside Plant Cable and Rehabilitation (OSCAR) contract.  Upon completion of the site surveys, generated project drawings and added contract line items to the materials and tasks.  I conducted Global Position Systems (GPS) surveys to create spatially relevant maps of infrastructure.

In the beginning of USAISEC Total Engineering and Integration Services I (TEIS) contract vehicle I continued to conduct surveys, needs analysis, and engineering of inside/outside cable plant, manhole and duct systems for various U.S. Marine Corp installations. From there I moved in the management of personnel and contracts.  I led and mentored cross functional geographically diverse teams to successfully complete multiple projects simultaneously for USAISEC TEIS I-III, White Communications Agency (WHCA), White House Military Office (WHMO), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and DISA Email as a Service (EaaS) Collaboration Pathfinder. I managed contract vehicles such as Encore II, U.S. Government Omnibus Network Enterprise (USG ONE), TEIS Korea Yongsan Relocation Program.

I was in retirement when Mr. George Martin, a former co-worker at General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), gave me a call about an opportunity that NetCentrics was pursuing. It was a potential client that I had previous working relationship for 10 years. So, after much consideration he convinced me to come out of retirement and work with the NetCentrics Business Development (BD) team.

What does a “day in the life” at work look like for you?

As a Business Development Executive, I provide support to the Business Development Team, to develop and implement growth within NetCentrics. I stay abreast of all the products and services capabilities that NetCentrics provides to our current customers and how the expertise from the NetCentrics team can enhance capabilities of our current and potential customers.

A “day in the life” at work for me starts with identifying / researching new opportunities released that fit within NetCentrics core capabilities such as Enterprise IT and Cybersecurity. I then meet with Shane Lynch to review all the tasks assigned and to properly divide and conquer. Team collaboration is a big part of everyday, ensuring all deadlines and tasks are met, all requests for information, and/or requests for proposal documents are completed and on track for submittal.

What is your favorite part of your work, and why?

The research for opportunities that are within the NetCentrics core capabilities.  This is what BD is all about. The opportunities and the thrill of the chase to bring additional client/capability to the NetCentrics team.

What are some trends/developments/or opportunities you see in our industry and how do you think NetCentrics should respond?

The biggest trend now is cybersecurity.  The ability to protect the systems and services is a must for the U.S. NetCentrics has subject matter expertise to engineer and integrate cybersecurity in a fight against hackers/terrorists. 

NetCentrics response to this trend is to continue to employ the best of the best and provide continual education to develop engineering and integrate the newest technologies to strengthen Department of Defense (DoD), Federal, State, and Civilian agencies in the fight against hackers/terrorists.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Weekend getaways or just a drive around the country side.  My biggest enjoyment is family, especially grandchildren and great grandchildren at this time in our life.  We are lucky enough to have most of our grand/great grandchildren nearby for family gatherings, just a visit, or babysitting.  We currently have 14 grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

"The biggest trend now is cybersecurity. The ability to protect the systems and services is a must for the U.S."

Katie McCaskey

Head of Marketing and Communications, NetCentrics
Katie is passionate about cybersecurity and emerging technologies.
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