Swedish Delegation Meeting Overview: Public-Private Partnerships for National Security

Written January 29th, 2024

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On Wednesday, January 24th, a significant event took place in Washington, D.C., where Business Executives for National Security (BENS) hosted a panel discussion focusing on the critical interplay between the private and public sectors in the realm of national and public security. The Swedish Delegation, including CEOs of Swedish corporations and representatives from the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and the Swedish Police, played a pivotal role in enriching the dialogue.

Among the notable attendees was Kenny Cushing, the CEO of NetCentrics, who served as the private sector panel representative. Joining him were Joe D’Cruz, Managing Director at Catalyze Partners, and Kirsten Bartok Touw of New Vista Capital, bringing diverse perspectives to the table.

The discussions centered on exploring the dynamics of collaboration between the private and public sectors, with a specific emphasis on understanding its impact on national and public security. The participants delved into the successes the United States has experienced in addressing similar challenges. When asked about this, Kenny Cushing highlighted the effectiveness of the U.S. model in leveraging public-private partnerships to solve complex issues across various sectors, including national security.

Cushing emphasized the importance of a holistic approach, stating, “The United States does a great job at public-private partnerships to solve hard problems across national security and many other sectors. It’s critically important that our model and approach to public-private partnerships involves the government (local, state, federal), private sector, academia, and non-profits. Collectively, we can bring together subject matter experts, capabilities, and resources to solve any problem.”

The engagement of NetCentrics, a leading company in the cybersecurity domain, symbolizes the active participation of the private sector in addressing security challenges. The collaboration between government agencies, private enterprises, academia, and non-profit organizations is seen as a potent strategy to pool expertise, capabilities, and resources for effective problem-solving.

Overall, the Swedish Delegation meeting provided a platform for insightful discussions on fostering collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors to enhance national and public security. The event underscored the importance of a comprehensive approach, bringing together diverse stakeholders to tackle complex challenges facing both Sweden and the United States.