Employee Spotlight: Cihan Allison

Written March 23rd, 2022

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Cihan Allison, Deputy Project Manager, has been a dedicated NetCentrics employee for almost a decade. He works for the Federal Trade Commission, a part of the team that recently won kudos from this NetCentrics customer.  

Cihan Allison

Growing Up in Europe  

Cihan’s path to NetCentrics, geographically speaking, is a story to itself. Cihan’s father was in the Army, so Cihan grew up an Army brat. He spent a lot of time in Germany, Turkey, and other parts of Europe as a kid. Cihan doesn’t have a single “hometown” – a commonality he shares with other NetCentrics employees, many of whom are veterans or other Army brats.  

(Our teams bring together a wide range of people and experiences – and we’re always on the lookout for talent with a global perspective. Review our open positions to find a role here.)  

He returned to the States as a young adult to attend college. He earned his bachelors from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, with a degree in Liberal Arts (focus on Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration and Information Technology). In 2008 he settled down with his wife in Alexandria, Virginia. Together they have a son and daughter. “One of each,” he says proudly. After two years of the pandemic, he’s eager to resume family trips. He’d especially like to take the kids and travel abroad in the months ahead, if possible. 

Continuous Improvement a Key to Success 

Cihan’s dedication to improvement is a key component of his work. He manages continuous improvement initiatives for NetCentrics’ customers as part of building out ITIL frameworks for enterprise IT services. He works closely with IT staff to strengthen and optimize operational systems and teams. “You have to look at the components but also the system as a whole to ensure success,” he says.  

Among his many tasks, Cihan keeps tabs on performance reports, data analytics, knowledge management, annual audits, ticketing systems and IT operations across the program. He’s become the go-to person internally to assist in large and small scale contract transitions for new work. “A lot of it is anticipating needs and wants,” he modestly says of his role working with Melissa Bristol and Andy Ibarra.