Employee Spotlight: Andy Ibarra

Written February 23rd, 2022

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What is it like to work with someone for multiple years at more than one company? For starters, you really get to know someone, both in personal and professional settings. Secondly, you develop a shorthand that makes work more efficient, and often more fun. And best of all, you develop an ongoing trust.

Andy Ibarra

This phenomenon is surprisingly common at NetCentrics. There are current examples in the IT and finance departments. Another example is Andy Ibarra, Help Desk Manager, who came to NetCentrics after working for several years with Kirk Johnson, Director of Delivery, at another company. This solid working relationship has benefitted both men. Recently, it benefitted NetCentrics’ customer, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), too.

Using Military Precision to Proactively Solve Problems

Andy is part of a team at the FTC that recently won the Janet D. Steiger Award from the FTC Chair. This award was associated with work during a major Laptop Refresh Project, a big undertaking with significant security considerations. (Additional team members on this project include: Melissa Bristol, Sebastian Wagner, Alan Weiser, Chihan Allison, Baldwin Arce, Silpa Kannikanti, Nechelle Robin, Shane Lawson and Conor Catliota.)

Andy brought problem-solving to this role, as has become his specialty. He uses his analytical mind to determine where problems arise, and works to address them proactively before they lead teams off-course. He must collaborate and communicate with the customer and with team members of every experience level. He works closely with all members of the team as well as Kirk. “Kirk is a man of his word. I really respect Kirk,” he says, explaining how their work together evolved.

He says he immediately had a positive first impression of NetCentrics when he joined in 2013. “The first week there were people in our suite eating cake; it was very festive and collegial.” Although fewer events recently due to the pandemic, Andy still maintains friendships inside the company and with those who have left.

“The first week there were people in our suite eating cake; it was very festive and collegial.” 

Andy got his professional start in the U.S. Navy working as a Satellite and System Administrator, eventually moving to a position as Communication Watch Officer. When he separated from the Navy after a decade’s service, he moved to desktop support, first for IntePros Consulting, then to SRA International. At SRA he was Technical Lead for the Joint Staff Integration Network (JSIN), where he first worked with Kirk.

Kayak Bass Fishing Tournaments 

In his spare time Andy pursuing running for athletic fitness around his home in Chantilly, Virginia. For fun, he participates in kayak bass fishing tournaments. These catch-and-release tournaments are also an athletic pursuit but add a hunting twist. Andy must train to move quickly and strategically through the water to maximize his potential catch, which is measured and photographed before returning the fish to the waterways. The angler community is active in all kinds of related disciplines (such as conservation) that keeps Andy engaged. Yet, he also craves the quiet. “Being on the water keeps me even-keeled,” he says, “so I go out as frequently as I can.” He originally discovered this hobby while living overseas.

Will Andy bring someone to NetCentrics from his previous work life, as Kirk did? It’s certainly possible. As someone internally describes these referrals: “good people know good people.”

If you know good people, we offer a generous employee referral bonus. If you are good people, please review our openings at NetCentrics and join us. We offer interesting and important work securing our nation. And as a bonus, you can work with people like Andy, who pursue unique hobbies and build strong working ties with others.