Self-Study, from Cybersecurity to Salsa

Written April 16th, 2021

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Terence “TK” Kimbrough was recently acknowledged for his contributions at NetCentrics. He works on the United States Coast Guard (USCG) contract as the Security Operation Center Technical Lead. In this role he manages analysts who monitor computer networks. He also reviews host data, network activity, and responds to ongoing cybersecurity events through the Joint Regional Security Stack (JRSS). This is a vital role that requires 24/7/365 coverage and TK plays an important part.

TK says the job is intellectually satisfying because “there is always an opportunity to learn new technologies.” In fact, continuous learning is a requirement to stay current and anticipate future needs. “You can always keep learning and improve the mission,” he says. The nature of the work means keeping skills sharp and being a flexible member of an ever-changing team.

(The love of learning is one that many NetCentrics employees share, and a core part of company culture. In fact, NetCentrics recently won accolades for our culture, placing us in the top 5% of companies in the Washington, D.C. area.)

U.S. Marine Service

Like many people working at NetCentrics, TK serves in the U.S. armed forces as a reservist. TK joined NetCentrics in 2016 after leaving active duty in the U.S. Marines. There, he worked as a Defensive Cyber Operator, Cybersecurity MOS 1721. He recently converted to full-time employment at NetCentrics  after years of part-time work, by choice.

He decided to come on full-time in October 2020 and hasn’t looked back. His day-to-day is a combination of on-site work at USCG’s St. Elizabeth’s campus and remote work due to covid-19. “I work with a large team, so VTC [video teleconferencing] tools have been an advantage during the pandemic,” he says.

Accomplished Salsa Dancer

Although work keeps TK busy, he does find time for other pursuits. “I’m a big nerd,” he says with a laugh, explaining that he’s always tinkering with technology at home and has several computers. “You can’t know everything, but you can know a lot,” he says of his self-study and exploration.

Also important is his love of travel and a hobby he started twenty years ago: salsa dancing. TK discovered dance in a Baltimore club back then and continues to this day. “It’s a great equalizer,” he says, referring to the range of people who participate and how different social strata melt on the dance floor. “You can dance with anyone, from a doctor to delivery driver; everyone is equal.” He’s missed the dance community during the pandemic because all the clubs have been closed. He’s looking forward to them reopening soon. “I’ve been practicing at home,” he says “but it’s not the same.” TK has patience, though, and is looking forward to things opening up again.

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