Cyber Weekly Roundup – February 23, 2017

1.) IoT Attack Against a University Network (February 17, 2017) Summary: Using over 5,000 hijacked IoT devices at an undisclosed university, hackers attacked the very network where these devices were located. Analysis of the university firewall revealed each device was making hundreds of DNS lookups every 15 minutes for seafood restaurants to attempt to […]

NetCentrics Employees Speak to Middle School Students about IT at Hour of Code

Two NetCentrics employees, Loilette Loderick and Colby Proffitt, recently spoke to more than 100 students at Hammond Middle School in Alexandria, Virginia, about potential careers in the IT field and the future of technology. Hammond students in 6th-8th grade have the opportunity to participate in the Hour of Code, a program dedicated to teaching students […]

Cyber Weekly Roundup – February 15, 2017

1.) Tony Stark Has Jarvis. And Now IBM Has Havyn (February 13, 2017) Summary: IBM is testing a Cybersecurity interface that started as a weekend project for “IBM master inventor” Mike Spisak and his son Evan. The premise of the interface is to respond to voice commands, rather than requiring typing, in order to […]

Cyber Weekly Roundup – February 7, 2017

1.) It might be time to stop using antivirus | Ars Technica (January 26, 2017) Summary: This is a rather interesting article that questions whether anti-virus is helping or hurting our security posture. From our perspective, it’s still up for debate whether or not the average user should get rid of anti-virus any time […]