To Pay or Not to Pay? Recovering from a Crypto-Ransomware Attack

Part 2 of a 2-part series on Crypto-ransomware By Andrew Paulette As discussed in Part I of this series, crypto-ransomware is quickly becoming the extortion tool of choice for cybercriminals. Even when an organization trains its employees to guard against social engineering, disables macros and configures ad-blockers, and takes an array of other steps to […]

NetCentrics President interviewed by Washington Technology

NetCentrics’ President, Cynthia Barreda, was interviewed the week of June 20th by Hannah Lang of Washington Technology. The interview touched on NetCentrics’ growth and strategy and its transition from a small business. The article was first published Friday, June 24th. Read the Washington Technology article.

Training A&A analysts to act and think like CND professionals – improving assessment and authorization recommendations for Authorizing Officials

By Marcus Norman History For years, Assessment and Authorization (A&A) analysts have held an important job – deciding which applications and systems can connect to a network by assessing the potential risks new systems introduce. A security assessment consists of reviewing a system security plan (SSP), contingency plans, network topologies, vulnerability and compliance scans, manual […]

NetCentrics Implements DoD’s First Risk Management Framework for U.S. Coast Guard

Herndon, Va., June 14, 2016—NetCentrics Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise systems management and cybersecurity for the U.S. government, has led the Department of Defense’s (DoD) first full implementation of the Risk Management Framework (RMF) for the U.S. Coast Guard. The transition to RMF, a risk-based cybersecurity program, was completed February 18, 2016. Developed by […]

NetCentrics Cybersecurity Thought Leader interviewed

Our own Marvin Marin was interviewed for an article in GovTechWorks about cybersecurity. The article focused on balancing security on one hand and user convenience on the other hand when thinking about encryption. Marvin’s quote was used to sum up the piece: Usability is paramount, or users will seek work-arounds and the security will be […]