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Our staff are dedicated people who deliver incredible value to our customers. But all of us are much more interesting and complex than just what we do at work. Here we highlight some of our staff who do amazing things every day in their spare time.

Loilette Loderick: leading the way for women in technology

Loilette Loderick is a Senior Information Assurance / Web Application Engineer for NetCentrics at the United States Coast Guard, but her path to her current role as someone who works to defend against cyber attacks started in a much different place. Growing up in England, Loilette finished school at 16, then started a program similar to the U.S.’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Program, where she gained a year of working experience with computers, photography, electronics, and teaching. While she enjoyed her experience with computers and technology, she was the only woman in her class and didn’t see it as a long-term career – at least not at first.

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Mark Mead

NetCentrics Employee Mark Mead destined for leadership, at work and in his community

Mark Mead is a man of many talents and a leader in every venue of his life. In his day job with NetCentrics, Mark leads the NetCentrics Field Services Team for the Joint Service Provider (JSP) a new single service provider for IT at the Pentagon.

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Randi Puckett

Some people whistle while they work. Others carry a song in their hearts.

Randi Puckett, on the NetCentrics team can top both of those. Of course, as a classically trained soloist, she has some practice. Over 30 minutes a day, every day since she was eight. Randi doesn’t do a lot of singing at work. She saves that for weddings, musical theater, the national anthem at big events and other performances.

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