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Michelle Miranda

Turning a last chance into a lifetime

Michelle Miranda, an A&A Manager for NetCentrics at the US Coast Guard, served in the USMC for eight years before continuing her career in IT and cyber. Her experiences with the military taught her the importance of seeing goodness in bad situations and finding the positive in unfortunate circumstances. That outlook ultimately led Michelle to start fostering dogs with Last Chance Animal Rescue (LCAR) as a way to turn a personal hardship and loss into a blessing.

LCAR saves dogs and cats that would otherwise be put down due to crowding in other shelters. LCAR and the people like Michelle who foster are able to save many animals and give them a home and a second chance.

Since Michelle and her 16 year old daughter, Lolly, started fostering in 2015, they have had more than 30 puppies come through their lives. They have loved and cared for playful and carefree puppies, while also nurturing others that were fearful due to abuse and neglect, helping them to acclimate to life with a family. Even getting some of the puppies comfortable with human touch can be challenging and requires patience and time. But, the reward is great – in Michelle’s words, “There is something awesome in preparing these puppies for their new families.”

20170311_183235 (2)While most of the puppies Michelle and her daughter foster eventually go on to a new home, they just can’t part with some of them – Michelle has adopted three of her foster puppies. Her most recent foster, a 12 week old Akita mix named Brady, became extremely ill and required two surgeries. After surviving his second surgery, Brady had a permanent home with Michelle and Lolly.

Michelle has a huge heart and her willingness to open her life and home to so many animals exemplifies many of NetCentrics’ core values of “be genuine,” “do the right things and do them right,” and especially, “we are family.”

To learn more about LCAR and how to foster, visit



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