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Staff Stories

Our staff are dedicated people who deliver incredible value to our customers. But all of us are much more interesting and complex than just what we do at work. Here we highlight some of our staff who do amazing things every day in their spare time.

Kerry Kachejian

The Real Forrest Gump

Kerry Kachejian, a Senior Account Executive for NetCentrics, has found himself in a number of amazing, ironic, and serendipitous circumstances, with many of the events in Kerry’s life taking place because he was in the right place at the right time.

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Michelle Miranda

Turning a last chance into a lifetime

Michelle Miranda, an A&A Manager for NetCentrics at the US Coast Guard, served in the USMC for eight years before continuing her career in IT and cyber. Her experiences with the military taught her the importance of seeing goodness in bad situations and finding the positive in unfortunate circumstances. That outlook ultimately led Michelle to start fostering dogs with Last Chance Animal Rescue (LCAR) as a way to turn a personal hardship and loss into a blessing.

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Vathana Say

From Remedy Administrator to Art Director

In her role as a Remedy Administrator for NetCentrics at the Pentagon, Vathana Say manages access and controls to the ticketing system and works with her peers to solve technical problems and develop ways to better serve their customer. In many ways, she is both a teacher and a student, learning about solutions from her peers and also sharing that knowledge with her customers.

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