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Vasili Ikonomidis, a Senior Program Manager and Service Desk Manager for NetCentrics, has published an article in Federal News Radio about Windows 10. Vasili offers seven considerations federal agencies should take into account when planning for the transition to the new platform. Read the full story here:

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Weekly Roundup / 3.31.17

Cyber Weekly Roundup – March 31, 2017

1.) If You Want to Stop Big Data Breaches, Start With Databases (March 29, 2017) Summary: Over the past few years, large-scale data breaches have become so common that even tens of millions of records leaking feels unremarkable. One frequent culprit that gets buried beneath the headlines? Poorly secured databases that connect directly to […]

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Weekly Roundup / 3.24.17

Cyber Weekly Roundup – March 24, 2017

1.) The Clever ‘DoubleAgent’ Attack Turns Antivirus Into Malware (March 23, 2017) Summary: Your antivirus software might come with some annoyances. It might slow your computer down, or pop up so many alerts that you can’t tell when something is actually wrong. But researchers have discovered a more sinister downside: A well-intentioned debugging tool […]

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