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ICYMI: hackers gain direct access to US power grid controls, the past behind Marcus Hutchins, Equifax hacked, the new DNC Technology Chief, and why it’s so easy to hack cryptocurrency startup fundraisers.

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critical infrastructure / 9.5.17

NetCentrics Employee Published in Tripwire

Colby Proffitt, a Senior Analyst for NetCentrics Corporation, has published an article in Tripwire titled Protecting Critical Infrastructure in the Age of IoT. In his article, Colby highlights the cyber challenges and risks of IoT, and acknowledges the need to implement standards and best practices for a unified, fortified front against cyber adversaries. Colby then offers five recommendations for both government and industry to consider as a means to combat cyber adversaries and protect critical infrastructure, including networks, systems and data, without barring the benefits and use of new technology on those networks.

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ICYMI: massive ransomware attack, pacemaker recall, largest spambot, and dark web criminals unveiled.

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