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Weekly Roundup / 7.12.17

Cyber Weekly Roundup – July 7, 2017

ICYMI: DoD starts testing behavior-based authentication, Ukrainian police seize software company’s servers, researchers find BlackEnergy APT links in ExPetr code, and dark web site creates Robocalls to steal people’s credit card PINs.

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Weekly Roundup / 6.30.17

Cyber Weekly Roundup – June 30, 2017

ICYMI: NSA advocates data sharing, the Pnyetya ransomware outbreak, Shadow Brokers threaten to unmask a hacker who worked with the NSA, and an in depth look at the latest cyber attack in Ukraine.

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NetCentrics Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise IT and cybersecurity services to the federal government, today announced that its 8(a) Mentor-Protégé Agreement with Broadleaf, Inc. has been approved by the Small Business Administration (SBA). The two companies’ commitment to a formal mentoring relationship will provide expanded business development opportunities for both and enhance the range of IT capabilities they can offer federal agencies.

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