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The DC region has become ground zero for the cyber industry as dozens of great entrepreneurs and innovators have chosen the area to build their companies and help solve some of the biggest security issues facing our federal government, national security, and millions of American consumers. NetCentrics is honored to be recognized by DCA Live as one of the Red Hot Cyber Companies for 2018.

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ICYMI: Pentagon’s network defense headquarters is fully operational; global fitness tracker data exposes IoT policy gap; baby boomers more cybersecurity savvy than Gen-Z; many of the issues that concern cyber strategists today were already clear at the turn of the century; jackpotting attacks are forcing ATMs to ‘make it rain’.

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Kalai Kandasamy, a Sr. Network Engineer for NetCentrics, and Colby Proffitt, a Sr. Analyst for NetCentrics, recently co-authored an article titled, “7 Skills Federal Cyber Pros Need to Know”. The article, featured by NextGov, highlights seven cyber skills that will likely be in high demand in 2018 and beyond, largely on account of advances in AI, automation, and machine learning.

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