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Consolidation / 4.20.17

The Human Factor of IT Consolidation

Doing more with less – that’s been the growing trend over the years in the government IT space. Over the last 20 years, new technologies, shrinking budgets and demands for greater efficiency have driven IT consolidation in the federal government and will continue to in the future. From the DoD Efficiencies Memorandum to OMB directives requiring 25% cost reductions, consolidation is no longer an option – it’s a requirement.

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Vasili Ikonomidis, a Senior Program Manager and Service Desk Manager at NetCentrics Corp., was recently quoted by FedTech, offering some useful guidelines that agencies preparing to upgrade to Win10 should think about to ensure a smooth switch to the new OS. Ikonomidis lays out seven tips for a successful migration to Windows 10. Check out […]

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In this final installment in our series on ransomware, we will discuss what you and your organization can do to protect yourself from the threat of ransomware and how to mitigate the damages, both financially and to your organizational reputation, if you find yourself the victim of an attack.

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