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Andrew Paulette, a Security Analyst for NetCentrics Corporation, has published an article in Tripwire titled Shadow IT: How do you protect what you don’t know you have? In this article, Andrew defines Shadow IT – the presence of unknown systems, data and assets on a network – and identifies the four primary factors behind the rise of Shadow IT. Andrew also lays out several important questions and considerations for organizations seeking to combat the threats posed by Shadow IT. Read the full article here.

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Weekly Roundup / 7.28.17

Cyber Weekly Roundup – July 28, 2017

ICYMI – Mac malware, how IoT is helping the Tour de France (and putting it at risk), the latest in online privacy, Facebook AI gets too smart and is shut down, ransomware is definitely a profitable business, and an end to Adobe Flash.

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Weekly Roundup / 7.21.17

Cyber Weekly Roundup – July 21, 2017

ICYMI: from the impact of Petya on big businesses like FedEx, to the risks of using IoT devices, and another AWS cloud leak.

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