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DCA Live recently announced those who will be recognized as the 2018 DCA Live Federal Entrepreneurs. The award honors some of the exceptional company founders and leading executives from the DC region’s fastest growing federal technology and services ventures. Cyndi and the other recipients will be recognized May 30th at the Eastern Foundry in Arlington, VA.

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NetCentrics CIO, Jim DeBardi, recently published an article in FCW, offering four recommendations for federal agencies looking to modernize via consolidation. Between scope, prioritization, staffing/leadership, process, and data-integrity demands, there are a number of challenges agencies must consider and overcome in order to successfully consolidate. In his article, Jim offers four steps that agency leaders should consider before starting down the consolidation path.

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Press Releases / 4.27.18

Cyber Weekly Roundup – April 27, 2018

ICYMI: Experts describe how hacking back can be done right; House bill would create a ‘naughty list’ for nation-state hacking groups; Researchers found a semi-legit way to turn an Amazon Echo into a wiretap; Hackers build a ‘Master Key’ that unlocks millions of Hotel rooms; and, North Korea linked to global hacking operation against critical infrastructure, telecoms.

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