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Weekly Roundup / 4.28.17

Cyber Weekly Roundup – April 28, 2017

In the news this week – fileless malware, botnets back with a vengeance, hundreds of legit files nuked, Carder Kingpin Roman Seleznev’s Record 27 Year Prison Sentence, MIRAI & HAJIME locked into IoT botnet battle, and diet pills from beltway bandits:

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NetCentrics’ cyber experts and Program Managers Marvin Marin and Michelle Miranda were recently accepted into the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Cloud Security Services Management Working Group. The group aims to develop a research whitepaper, focusing on building a cloud security services management platform. The whitepaper will serve as a guideline for cloud service providers to secure its cloud platform and provide cloud security services to cloud users, for cloud users to select security qualified cloud service providers and for security vendors to develop their cloud-based security products and services.

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Weekly Roundup / 4.21.17

Cyber Weekly Roundup – April 21, 2017

In the news this week – initial doom-and-gloom reports of 0-day exploits in Microsoft operating system have turned out to be false, stalkware use is on the rise, and rejected Symantec certificates.

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