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In part I of this series, we discussed some of the common consolidation challenges facing the Federal Government. In part II, we’ll explore five recommendations to ensure organizations are well-prepared for consolidation.

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Doing more with less – that’s been a common theme in the Government IT space, even more so in the last decade. Budget growth has slowed dramatically while information technology capabilities and user demands skyrocket. Finding ways to create efficiencies and provide new solutions for customers with flat budgets is paramount. Data Center rationalization, transformation, and consolidation offers perhaps the best opportunity to provide the same or better service with a smaller footprint and greater efficiency. Government agencies think so too: in August 2016, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) finalized a new data center consolidation directive seeking 25% cost reductions through 2018. The directive encourages data center consolidation and notes that any recommended new data center construction budgets won’t be approved without prior consent of OMB. While data center consolidation and rationalization promise great benefits, these consolidations present significant challenges.

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Consolidation / 4.20.17

The Human Factor of IT Consolidation

Doing more with less – that’s been the growing trend over the years in the government IT space. Over the last 20 years, new technologies, shrinking budgets and demands for greater efficiency have driven IT consolidation in the federal government and will continue to in the future. From the DoD Efficiencies Memorandum to OMB directives requiring 25% cost reductions, consolidation is no longer an option – it’s a requirement.

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